Sunday Morning Qigong


Qigong 10-11AM, Morning Tea at 9:45AM


Increase your energy, find clarity & inner harmony as you explore your connection to Qi. Together we explore topics in Qigong through fluid movements and thoughtful discussion. This gentle practice of moving and still Qigong will inspire you to feel enlivened, centered & uplifted.

You are welcome to arrive 15 minutes before our morning Qigong practice to enjoy the warmth of good company. Bring your tea, coffee, water or just bring yourself to feel the connection of being together. Then we'll enjoy a rejuvenating practice of Qigong. Or just arrive at 10 for the practice. Beginners Welcome!

Every Sunday
9:45 AM Morning Tea, 10-11AM Qigong
Methods 1 & 2 (Tian Yuan & Di Yuan)
Taught by Jana Chamales

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