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Qigong classes are now online!


Sunday Morning Qigong

Sundays 10-11AM


Increase your energy, find clarity & inner harmony as you explore your connection to Qi. Together we explore topics in Qigong through fluid movements and thoughtful discussion. This gentle practice of moving and still Qigong will inspire you to feel enlivened, centered & uplifted.

New to onine classes through Zoom? All you need to do to join is click on the link below. If you are planning to attend and have not used Zoom, please join 10 minutes early to ensure there is time to test your microphone and video, and work through any technical complications. See you soon!

Every Sunday 10-11AM Methods 1 & 2 (Tian Yuan & Di Yuan) Taught by Jana Chamales

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$5 PayPal donations can be made to jana@flowingcalm.com
Nine-Day Livestream Event

We would like to invite you to join world-renowned teacher, Yuan Tze, for a special nine-day Livestream online event. Responding to the current global coronavirus situation, Yuan Tze will share ways in which you can realize your potential to rise above a crisis and transform your life. You’ll learn how to manage negative feelings that may spontaneously arise by cultivating the five essential qualities of the heart– trust, openness, love, gratitude and gongjing (utmost respect). By growing these qualities, Yuan Tze will explain how they can help us dramatically improve our ability to react to any crisis more positively and with greater clarity.
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At Home Learning

Interested in learning more Qigong? You can learn up to 5 different Yuan Qigong methods that support your energy, your organs, your body and your spiritual heart. Learn at your own pace, from anywhere in the world.
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Free Video of Yuan Tze: The Early Years

Yuan Tze was born in a small ancient coastal town in the Jiangsu province of China in 1962. Not long after he was born, he stopped eating. Neither his parents nor the doctors could make him resume eating and he became very weak. A Daoist monk offered to help. At six months old, Yuan Tze was taken by the monk to live with him at his temple.
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Yuan Qigong is a practice of beautiful moving and still meditations using the body, mind, breath and Qi. Each form has it’s own focus for improving health and wellbeing. Together they create a holistic system that nourishes the body, mind and spirit. By exploring Qigong you can learn to find clarity of mind, improve your health and cultivate and an inner harmony. Let’s practice together!

Ren Xue is the philosophy and framework that includes Yuan Qigong and Yuan Ming Medicine. Ren Xue offers a pathway and tools to cultivate a life that is happy and healthy, with a sense of wellbeing.

Jana Chamales

As a busy mom, Yuan Qigong has been a gift that helps Jana stay healthy, energized and calm through the hustle of everyday life. Her Qigong classes are a place for trying new things in a supportive, lighthearted environment. Life cultivation happens through exploration, so let’s practice together!

Jana is a certified teacher of Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong through Ren Xue International.


Classes are at Bliss Fitness and Health, 4268 Broadway, Oakland CA 94611

We’re above Blue Bottle. Enter through the gate on the right side of the building. Follow the Bliss signs and head upstairs to the practice studio.

Parking: Free two hour street parking on Broadway; free residential parking on either side of Broadway.
Public transportation: The AC Transit 51A stops at the corner of Broadway at Mather/42nd st.; MacArthur BART is .9 mile away; Rockridge BART is 1.1 mile away.